New Couture (Produced By Michael Quigg)

by Mat Heddle (Slur)

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Vocal : Mat Heddle.
Production : Michael Quigg.



Having run ins with the law
Hiding money in the floor
Tryna buy this new cotoure
Make a mil than a million more
(Let's get paid) as


Got a million on my mind
Love what I do so I won't retire
Til I die can't knock my grind
Can't knock my team or my co signs
Roll up the loud now let's get peeled
Whippin round town while you catch feels
That's real
Getting back at the ones who had me in a box locked, (how I do it Homie )
Fucked a cops wife so she gave her a side with her bacon
Pbly why the jake them WANNA throw the nooses on me
we made men they can't do it Homie.
if my boy pull this heat just play freeze tag "be cool Homie"

I do t wan die but I can't sleep up late
Thinking bout my grave
Thoughts I can't shake, I must make

Can't afford to die
Id rather be high
Plotting how to get paid


Coke sniffin throat dripping while im washing dishes
Me & my band mates doing blow to feel like real musicians
Elvis did it Hendrix did Amy too I ain't no different
cept' I Havnt made it yet wait until the story switches
Addicts in my city run amuck
I just wanna whip a uber with an onion in the trunk and double up
Just wanna put this .45 on your chest and tell you run it punk
But im too afraid my karma coming back to fuck me up
could blame the drugs and such that I don't see mom enough
Though It's a lie still making time for bitches who wanna fuck
Lord have you had enough laughs for one day
My mouth gets me in trouble but im the asshole you made
Maybe im talking to god when there isn't one there
Praying for sight this liquor keeping my vision impared
High in I mean live from the studio im living in here
Putting in work til they can't say to say it isn't our year, Ya , yuck



released January 12, 2017
Recording and Mixing - Rhoel "Kris Octane" Thomas
Mastering - Drew Thomas


all rights reserved